Virtual Reality Therapy Expose patients to sources of distress from the comfort of your office

Realistic Virtual Environments

Limbix VR environments are built with real-world footage. This allows patients to experience authentic exposures and feel true “presence” in genuine environments. Limbix VR Therapy includes content for fear of driving, flying phobia, public speaking anxiety, fear of heights, medical phobia, agoraphobia, and more.

Graduated Exposure Therapy

Use Limbix VR to gradually expose patients to phobias and sources of distress from your therapy office. Therapists can control exposure thresholds in each VR environment to help patients face increasingly stressful situations.

Teleport Patients Anywhere

Trigger important memories and emotions by teleporting patients to any address, such as a childhood home or place of trauma. Limbix VR uses Google Street View so therapists can take patients anywhere on Google Maps.

Watch YouTube Videos in VR

Therapists who use YouTube videos for exposure therapy can now have their patients watch those videos in VR. Patients can view any video while fully immersed in VR, which reduces distraction and creates "presence" during exposures.

Works on Daydream VR Smartphones

Limbix VR Thearpy requires a Google Daydream compatible phone and headset. You can buy a VR Kit at cost directly from Limbix, which includes a VR compatible phone, headset, and Limbix software pre-installed.
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