Happier, Healthier Patients

Modern treatment tools for therapists

Virtual Reality Therapy

Limbix equips therapists with immersive Virtual Reality environments that replace imaginal or in vivo exposure.

  • Gradually expose patients to phobias from the comfort of your office
  • Transport patients to any location, such as a childhood home
  • Promote relaxation techniques in soothing nature environments
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Meditation and Homework App

Patients download the Limbix App to complete exercises assigned by their therapist.

  • Complete assessments, thought records, and homework assignments
  • Listen to guided meditations
  • Capture session feedback to ensure patient satisfaction

Treatment Management Dashboard

Therapists log in to the Limbix Dashboard to assign homework and monitor treatment progress.

  • Assign homework, meditations, thought records, or assessments
  • Set alerts to help remind your patients
  • Track treatment progress over time