Virtual Reality for Mental Health

The VR platform mental health clinicians, researchers, and organizations use to treat, diagnose and prevent disorders

Immersive Environments

Limbix VR enables patients to interact with people and places in authentic, virtual environments. Patients can face their fears, practice conversations, visit remote locations, and relax in tranquil settings.

Real-World, 360° Footage

Limbix VR environments are built from panoramic images and videos, rather than animated graphics. This enables our VR scenes to feel more authentic - patients experience true "presence" with visceral sensations.

Designed for Mobility

Modern VR technology is portable and accessible thanks to recent advancements in processing power and OLED displays. Incorporating VR in your organization is now easier than ever before.
VR exposure therapy could lead to a significant change in the way psychologists treat patients
Limbix builds on more than two decades of research and clinical trials

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