Digital therapeutics for adolescent mental health

limbix spark

A prescription digital therapeutic in clinical trials

Adolescent depression and suicide are on the rise, yet effective care is limited by long waitlists and large out-of-pocket costs for therapy, limited pharmacological options, and stigma surrounding mental health.

Limbix Spark is the first prescription digital therapeutic designed to support adolescents with depression. Spark is a multi-week cognitive behavioral therapy based program focused on the completion of value-based activities that spark feelings of pleasure or mastery. Once FDA cleared, Spark will be available for clinicians to prescribe.


Prescribed by doctors

Limbix is actively creating prescription digital therapeutics (PDTs) to enable doctors to prescribe digital, evidence-based, therapeutic interventions for adolescent mental health.

PDTs require strict compliance with FDA quality management standards and are validated through rigorous clinical trials. Upon FDA clearance, PDTs can be prescribed by a doctor to treat specific medical conditions.
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