Teen & Young Adult Research Sessions

Help design and test digital systems for teen and young adult mental health

We are looking for adolescents between ages 13 - 22 years old with current or past experiences with mental health struggles (e.g., depression, anxiety, etc.) to give feedback on Limbix digital systems to assist with teen and young adult mental health. If you’re interested in mental health and not shy about sharing your opinion, we’d like to talk to you! This is a unique opportunity to use your experiences and creativity to have a positive impact on the future of mental health. Youth of color and LGBTQ+ youth are encouraged to sign up.

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Take a survey and schedule an appointment
Review the study details with a research staff member and provide consent/assent, and parental consent if under 18
Participate in user research
After confirming your eligibility, you may participate in as many testing sessions as you’d like (see below)
Receive compensation
At the completion of each testing session, you will be paid $25/hour for your participation
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Some ways you can be involved

1. Usability Testing Sessions - 1hr
Test out different features of our digital systems with a Limbix team member in a 1:1 session and give feedback. This helps us see what's working and what we need to do better.
2. Co-design Sessions - 1 to 1.5hr sessions
Work collaboratively with the Limbix Product Team, teens, and/or young adults. Sessions can involve brainstorming ideas and giving feedback on our digital systems' designs in a group setting.
3. Take-home Diary Study - about 2 days to 2 months
Help test our product in the wild! You will be one of the earliest users of our developed systems (e.g., apps, etc.). Use our system in your daily life and give us feedback.

Interested in participating?

If you're interested in taking part in Limbix User Research sessions, start by reviewing the eligibility criteria and submitting an initial pre-screening survey below:

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