The complete VR system for clinics and hospitals

The Limbix VR Kit is medical grade, wireless, and doesn't require internet. Simply turn it on, and you're in VR.

VR Headset

VR that doesn't require phones, wires, or an internet connection. View high quality VR in an all-in-one device made of medical grade materials that can be sanitized with wipes.


Each Limbix VR Kit includes a tablet that seamlessly connects to the VR Headset via Bluetooth, allowing for easy selection of VR content.


The VR Headset and Tablet run all day and come with USB plugs for charging. No batteries are required.

Docking Station

Each kit comes with a lightweight docking station that makes charging, transporting, and storage a breeze.

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Immersive Environments

Limbix VR allows patients to interact with people and places in authentic, virtual environments. Patients can face their fears, practice conversations, visit remote locations, and relax in tranquil settings while in authentic, virtual environments.

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Real-World 360° Footage

Limbix VR environments are built from panoramic images and videos, rather than animated graphics. This enables our VR scenes to feel more authentic — patients experience true "presence" with visceral sensations.

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Interactive Scenes

Limbix VR scenes are interactive. Patients can use voice or gaze controls within scenes to respond to stimuli or assessments, which allows Limbix to support "choose your own adventure" types of VR content.

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The complete VR system for clinics and hospitals
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