Limbix for Researchers Use Limbix VR for your mental health research

Launch your VR research project

First we help you get your project defined by determining what VR content is required, and what types of controls and data logging your research needs.
We then provide a pricing proposal that you can include in grant applications. Our platform also supports clinicians, so grants can often be written as industry collaborations.
Once a project is approved you'll work with our video production team to shoot your VR environments. Limbix then processes the footage onto the Limbix VR platform.
Finally, when all VR content meets your study's requirements, we provide you the necessary VR hardware to run your research.

Pricing & Availability

Limbix is available for research projects that leverage our existing VR content as well as those that require new VR content. Custom research projects that require new VR content start at $10,000. Contact to learn more.
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