Happier, Healthier Patients
Modern treatment tools for therapists

Virtual Reality Therapy

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Limbix equips therapists with immersive Virtual Reality environments that replace imaginal or in vivo exposure.

  • Address patient phobias in VR from the comfort of your office
  • Help patients relax by putting them in soothing nature environments
  • Immerse patients in any location, such as their childhood home address

Mindfulness Tools

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Limbix supplies therapists with guided meditations that patients complete between sessions on their smartphone.

  • Provide guided meditations that patients can listen to from their smartphone
  • Select specific meditations to tailor treatment and monitor completion
  • Record your own meditations for further personalization

CBT Mobile App

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Limbix makes it easy for patients to enter thought records, assessments, and session feedback on their smartphone.

  • Assign action plans and thought records that patients can do from their smartphone
  • Capture assessment scores digitally to effortlessly track long term trends
  • Collect post-session feedback to deepen your alliance with patients

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